Food and Beverage

What is food and beverage

Service industries, such as food and beverage operations, differ from manufacturing in several ways. The customer is present at the time of both product and service, in manufacturing the customer is not present during the production process. In food and beverage operations, the customer is involved in the creation of the service that is consumed at the point of production with little or no time delay between production and service. The customer is not involved in the creation of manufactured products and there may be a considerable time lag between production and service.If the hospitality industry is considered to cover all undertakings concerned with the provision of food, drink and accommodation away from home, this will naturally include all food and beverage outlets. In other words, food and beverage provision is simply one element of a broader hospitality industry.

The data show a pattern of fairly consistent growth across the industry for the first few years of the 21st century. In terms of numbers of businesses, with the exception of the hotel and motel sector, all other sectors have grown substantially, with the restaurants, cafes and takeaway sector in particular growing by around 10% over these four years. The hospitality industry as described here has a total of nearly 127,000 separate businesses.

For example, hotels and motels shown an increase in turnover from 2002 on wards even though the number of business has declined. This suggests either a consolidation of the sector with a smaller number of larger businesses or that each businesses is showing much better performance. The reality is probably somewhere between the two. The restaurants and pubs, bars and club sectors have shown very strong growth in turnover and can be seen to be the dominant sectors of food and beverage operations as a large part of hotel turnover is dependent on room sales. The canteen and contract catering or contract food service sectors have also shown strong growth.

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