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Everything around us constantly changes. In technology, it is even truer. Today new age technology is giving new definition to everything from communication to socialization, from shopping to travel. Education is not untouched by advancement of computer technology, especially in web development. Earlier, when the classroom and teaching was the most effective way to provide education. “One Size Fits All” attitude is changing and making way for new era of “Personal Tutoring” now students have the option to study online, solve their doubts and homework instantly using various web sites and for a teacher it opens various opportunities for learning.

There are nowadays many of student are studying online. Sometimes there are online tutorials are helpful for student.

Now there are each school have a website and manage the website which help for the student to get learn the topic. It provides a platform for student and teacher to interact and find teachers suitable for their requirement. The teacher can communicate to student for the suitable teaching job. The teacher can teach in the evening and weekend as per their availability. Teaching mode is a personal one to one and classroom teaching using inbuilt whiteboard. The company does not charge any service for its services and also helps to promote teacher/tutor in various social media platforms.

There are now many of coaching v=center are giving online class for various coaching like UGC-NET, BANK, IIT, JEE, AIEEE, ICSE, CBSE, GATE etc.